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John 9:1-3

As Jesus walked along, he saw a man who had been blind since birth. Jesus’ disciples asked, “Teacher, why was this man born blind? Was it because he or his parents sinned?” “No, it wasn’t!” Jesus answered. “But because of his blindness, you will see God work a miracle for him.”

Mahirap mapuwing, lalo pag mabulag at total yung blindness from birth, which was considered incurable. Tinanong tuloy, “Who sinned?” We will notice here that physical illness is blamed on spiritual deficiency. And Jesus gave a baffling answer. Sabi nya, “Hindi siya o ang kanyang magulang ang nagkasala dito.” So the widely held belief was disproven na pagka mayroong sakit, may kasalanan. O pag nagkaroon ng kasalanan, magkakaroon ng sakit. The very terrible condition was no one’s fault, sabi ng Panginoon. Lalong mahiwaga and sabi nya–the man’s condition was to serve a divine purpose.

Hindi komo may sakit ang isang tao, may problema, nalugi, nasunugan, iisipin mo agad, “Siguro may kasalanan.” Baka mamaya may inuusig tayong very righteous person tulad ng nangyari kay Job. May problema na nga, sisisihin mo pa. Don’t always moralize. Look for the godly use for your weakness, your illness, your disability, and pray for deliverance. At kung ikaw si Job na dumaraan sa isang pagsubok as an exhibit of God’s wisdom and dispensation, pray that it ends soon so that you can get on with your life after you have served the divine purpose for God’s agenda. At kahit mahirap maintindihan, magpasalamat tayo na tayo’y pinili at hinirang ng Dios na maging kasangkapan kahit man lang para maging Exhibit A ng kanyang kaso o argument.

Ed Lapiz

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