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Genesis 39:9

“No one in my master’s house is more important than I am. The only thing he hasn’t given me is you, and that’s because you are his wife. I won’t sin against God by doing such a terrible thing as this.”

Sa Genesis 39:6-10, we witness a healthy, handsome, young man named Joseph being seduced by his master’s wife who must have been a very beautiful woman. Joseph was the master slave in the house of this Egyptian officer. Egyptian women, especially wives of officers, were always perfumed, manicured and pedicured, coiffed and beautified. But Joseph refused to sleep with his master’s wife. He practiced a very personal morality. How many of us will still be highly moral if we were alone?

Pag hindi mo na kasama si Kuya, si Ate, si Pastor, si Elder, ‘tapos may nang-aakit pa sa iyo with the promise of secrecy because you both were already inside the same house, what would you do? When the crowd or the fellowship is not there anymore, and you are by yourself, what will you do? What we do in those moments is who we really are.

Kahit lagi tayong present sa lahat ng church activities pero we do not privately pray or fast or worship or study God’s word, we will only be one-half strong. While it is commendable to be an active and functioning church member, there is a brand of growth that is available only in aloneness and in our personal walk with Jesus Christ. Personal spirituality is who you and I really are.

Ed Lapiz

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