Sabi ni Kuya Ed

2 Important Ingredients of Envy:
1. The other person is strong (or perceived to be).
2. You are weak.

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Sabi Ni Kuya ED

Sabi Ni Kuya Ed

Author: Pastor Ed Lapiz
Cover: Hardbound
Pages: 366
Published: CSM Publishing
EAN: 65223174329

365 Daily Boosters for the Heart

365 Daily Boosters for the Heart

Author: Pastor Ed Lapiz
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 365

365 Daily Supplements for the Heart

365 Daily Supplements for the Heart

Author: Pastor Ed Lapiz
Cover: Softbound
Pages: 365



Author: Pastor Ed Lapiz
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 113
Published: KALOOB Publishers
ISBN: 4806523174190

Dear Pamangkins,

Your social media cousin, Michael Bustamante, created this website and mobile application for us to bask in God’s love, walk by His guidance and fellowship with one another 24/7.

In this website and the app, you can hear and watch EL messages anytime, anywhere and also access the following: Ed Lapiz FB page, Daily Devotions, Daily Quotations, “Isang Tanong Isang Sagot” and other EL resources.

Psalm 19:4 (CEV) Yet their message reaches all the earth, and it travels around the world. The Spirit must have given the psalmist an early peek into the future — into broadcasting, the internet, and these app when inspiration to write the psalm and prophecy concerning how God’s message would cover the earth was given.

Let us thank God for technology; through it, we can walk together through life following the Spirit and holding each other’s cyber hands!

Tito Ed

“Great app! Always excited for a new daily post. Thanks. God bless Pastor Ed, am here at Ireland even my husband is sound delighted to listen to tour talks in YouTube. Cheers!.”

Alma Etorne

“I thank God for this wonderful app full of useful teachings for us to become matured spiritually. To God be the glory.”

Eduardo Gavino de Vera

“Talaga po lahat nakaka-inspired napakalaking tulong po sa araw-araw ang makinig, magbasa, salamat po Pastor Ed Lapiz. God bless po.”

Darlene Flores

“Nakakagalak na may app na ganto na ngayon. Nawa patuloy na mag-exist ito until the second coming of Jesus Christ!”

Ryan Suaverdez

“Maraming salamat po sa application na ito dahil mdami po ako npupulot na aral God bless po.”

Ronnie Pangan

“Thanks for making an app like this.”

Katrina Cowa

“Very useful in Christian life journey.”

Michelle Rodriguez

“This application is so great!”

Paul Trofeo

“Salamat po sa mga mensahe nakakapag bigay po sa akin ng lakas sa pang araw-araw na buhay.”

Rosalina Sato

“This app make me encourage and blessed through him by God’s presence I hope I receive update in any blissful message through the word of God. To God be the glory.”

Kanneth Joany Fabro

“Thank you for this app. It can help. God bless us all.”

Melissa Malapit

“Salamat sa app na to. God bless.”

John Oliver Salazar

“Napakalaking blessing for me to have this application. Thank u and may God’s blessing surround you everyday in your family and ur ministry.”

Noaz Guanzon

“Very inspiring and spiritually uplifting…..”

Mercy Marcia Lopez Jose

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Today’s Word

James 5:16
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous man is powerful and effective.

Humingi tayo ng dalangin ng mga kapatiran para sa atin. Malaking blessing yun. Noong araw may nakilala akong isang pamilyang may kaya. I couldn’t think of any material thing to give them that they don’t have yet.

Isang Pasko, gumawa ako ng prayer gift certificate at ibinigay ko sa kanila. Di ba may gift certificates sa mga department store? Ito naman ay prayer gift certificate at nakalagay doon: “This gift certificate entitles you to be prayed for every Saturday of this year.” Alam kong nakatanggap sila ng kay dami-dami na kung anu-anong regalo…

Ed Lapiz

Day By Day Christian Ministries

If you are blessed through this ministry, you could now take your turn to be the blessing to many others. With your helpful support, more people could be reached with the messages of delight, strength and hope.

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